Ramona Da Cruz Lopes

Ramona Da Cruz Lopes, Fashion Editor & Art Director

"I love storytelling. It took me some time to figure out being a stylist was my way of telling stories. My style is feminine, strong and full of personality."

I work as a stylist for almost 15 years and created lots of beautiful stories for magazines, multinationals , big and small brands. I have a background in graphic design, acting and advertising. Many of the people who work with me notice the acting part, because I love the approach of a small movie scene. I always have a head full of big lively ideas. I'm also not afraid to style larger groups. I think it is very interesting to compose colors, structures, shapes and personality all in one frame.

3 years ago I started my sustainable journey. First privately and then publicly. Personally, I buy little and very conscious and in every project I try to add a little of my knowledge to make this world a little brighter for everyone.